designed from our Tulips and Satin hand-tinted black and white photo and screen printed on a white fitted silhouette bella tee

The Here Comes the Bride Tee
The Ageless Beauty Tee
screen printed from jan's darkroom photo of an asheville, north carolina wig shop window front, this shirt is soft, flattering (women's silhouette bella 6000 100% cotton tee).......perfect for......

reading*hiking*bike riding*boating*drawing* under a suit jacket*under a sweatshirt *painting*buying for girlfriends*buying for daughters*buying for mothers cousins .......aunts.....

$19  $19
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the ageless beauty tee comes in white , light pink , light blue, light lime green,...any could also be made in any bella tee color available by special order, including gray., ask via email @ burleson-brownphotography

a portion of our profits for this shirt will be donated on a regular basis to The American Cancer Society
more tee shirts coming soon!
or , if you prefer, a looser, regular tee shirt,
here comes the bride again:
or a looser, regular fitting tee:

The Old City Tee

the old city tee is screen printed from an
original darkroom printed photograph from this old city alley in knoxville, tennessee taken several years ago......

now art history.                               $19

photograph also available