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we all wait for theTIMES that transform us ........... MOMENTS of JOY and PASSION, moments of SURRENDER and CELEBRATION, hallowed moments that KISS us with the FREEDOM to let go and experience something NEW.

a lucky PHOTOGRAPHER lingers near when such a moment occurs, HAPPILY ready to CAPTURE it and keep it on record so that we may return to it AGAIN and AGAIN, knowing its ESSENCE once more.

anyone who has happened upon the WILD BUZZ around TIMES SQUARE when THE NAKED COWBOY is DOING HIS THING has been offered one of those TIMES. The faces of the people shed the tautness of the CITY PACE and give way to JOY..... some in disbelief, some in anticipation, most in the SHEER PLEASURE of their momen

the autographed photographs

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the first in our series of naked cowboy fine art fun, the original photograph was "captured" at times square, new york on the eve of new year's eve 2003.
each photograph is custom printed in the darkroom by the photographer on ilford fiberbase warm tone semimatt paper and is
autographed by THE NAKED COWBOY ........a very guilty treasure of our popular culture.
the original

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another side of THE NAKED COWBOY captured midday december 30, 2004 with a mamiya 645 as a happy crowd surrounds the scene

keep watching
only for you

the naked cowboy front and center

a digital image with a wonderfully stylized background
autographed of course

the naked cowboy limited edition t-shirt
keep on walking on the wild side

for the T-SHIRT is a screen image of the autographed "portrait" of THE NAKED COWBOY. itis printed on the front of 100% COTTON SHIRTS using durable inks. the shirt is machine washable and will not bleed.

THE SHIRT is available in TRADITIONAL sizing on Hanes Beefy -T shirts and in a more modern SILHOUETTE sizing on Bella 6000 shirts.

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the naked cowboy refrigerator magnet
the naked cowboy refrigerator magnet is a quality reproduction of the autographed "portrait" printed by Ata-Boy.

2 magnets................$7.00

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the naked cowboy notecard
the naked cowboy notecard is a most excellent surprise for birthday or other special occasions. your friends will love you for it!


three cards (4.5"x5.5").............$5.50
box of eight..............................$14.00

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